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David Rivers " - Access 2007 Essential Training"
10/10/2007 | Duration: 5:27 Hours | | English | ISO | 310 MB
From using predefined Access 2007 database applications to building them from scratch, Access 2007 Essential Training covers each step of understanding, creating, and modifying databases for custom business purposes. Instructor David Rivers shows even the most database-challenged how to utilize this powerful software for creating reports and charts, as well as for business record keeping and analysis. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Code: - Excel 2007 Essential Training:

Lorna Daly " - Excel 2007 Essential Training"
1/31/2007 | Duration: 5:15 Hours | | English | ISO | 360 MB
Like the other applications in Microsoft Office 2007, Excel 2007 boasts upgraded features and a brand-new look. In Excel 2007 Essential Training , instructor Lorna A. Daly introduces the new version in detail. The training begins with the essentials of using the program, including how and why to use a spreadsheet, how to set up and modify worksheets, and how to import and export data. Lorna then moves on to teach more advanced features, such as working with functions and macros. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Code: - Groove 2007 Essential Training: - Groove 2007 Essential Training
21/01/09 | Duration: 5.5 Hours | | Win/Mac | 344 MB
When collaborating on a project, getting all team members on the same page can be difficult, especially if the team is spread across the country?or even the world. In Groove 2007 Essential Training, David Rivers demonstrates how this workflow collaboration tool can make it easy to work together no matter where the team members are located.
He shows some of Groove's most important features, including audio chat, file sharing, and the ability to display and monitor changes to schedules and assets. David also explains how to integrate a Groove installation with a SharePoint site and its functions to enhance collaboration. Exercise files accompany the course.

Code: - Microsoft InfoPath 2007 Essential Training:

David Rivers " - Microsoft InfoPath 2007 Essential Training"
12/12/2008 | Duration: 5:06 Hours | | English | ISO | 250 MB
Gathering accurate information from employees, clients, and customers has always been an important factor in maintaining a successful business. Many applications can assist in the creation of forms, but their delivery methods are often limited. In InfoPath 2007 Essential Training, David Rivers demonstrates how Microsoft's solution, InfoPath, can be used to create custom forms and deliver them via email or websites. He teaches how to use an array of pre-built templates, and also how to import previously developed forms from Word or Excel. He also covers how to publish these forms with a variety of applications, including Xcopy and SharePoint. David covers many aspects of typical forms, from pull-down lists to custom designs that tie the form to a company's needs. Exercise files accompany the course.

Code: - Microsoft OneNote 2007 Essential Training:

David Rivers " - Microsoft OneNote 2007 Essential Training"
11/11/2008 | Duration: 5:29 Hours | | English | ISO | 306 MB
Many people take notes on scraps of paper, only to have trouble piecing them together with their computer files and staying organized. OneNote 2007 Essential Training is for those who want to learn how to organize their work or life using various applications, including the Microsoft Office suite. David Rivers shows how to use OneNote notebooks to store, edit, and share files from different applications that pertain to one subject. He demonstrates how to create new notes, organize notebook content, and even connect this information with tasks, contacts, and meetings in Outlook. Exercise files accompany the course.

Code: - Microsoft Outlook 2007 Essential Training:

Sean Conrad " - Microsoft Outlook 2007 Essential Training"
1/26/2007 | Duration: 2:38 Hours | | English | ISO | 207 MB
Outlook 2007 is the latest full-featured emailing and contact management software from the Microsoft Office suite. Instructor Sean Conrad explains each of Outlook 2007's components and new features in detail, from the basics of the main interface to the more advanced elements of the application. Sean covers the Office button and the Quick Access toolbar as well as the ins and outs of reading and writing email. He delves into using the advanced filtering features to prioritize incoming mail and avoid unwanted spam or files. Sean also explains how to integrate Outlook's Calendar and Notes features for increased productivity.

Code: - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Essential Training:

David Rivers " - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Essential Training"
2/2/2007 | Duration: 6:30 Hours | | English | ISO | 451 MB
PowerPoint 2007 joins its Office counterparts by featuring a brand-new interface, as well as a selection of new powerful presentation features. Instructor David Rivers explains each of its new features in detail, including an essential overview of the new interface, navigating a presentation, creating and editing presentations, working with tables and charts, importing and exporting data, and sharing presentations via various media. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Code: - Microsoft Project 2007 Essential Training:

Lorna Daly " - Microsoft Project 2007 Essential Training"
8/10/2007 | Duration: 4:01 Hours | | English | ISO | 294 MB
Covering everything from the basics of project management to the ins and outs of integrating Project 2007 with other Office applications, Project 2007 Essential Training is a comprehensive and valuable course. Instructor Lorna A. Daly teaches users how to work with Project 2007 to best analyze and manage business ventures of any scope. She explains how to organize resources and assign work, how to streamline processes and resolve project conflicts, and how to customize and optimize Project 2007 for future tasks. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Code: - Microsoft Publisher 2007 Essential Training:

David Rivers " - Microsoft Publisher 2007 Essential Training"
8/8/2007 | Duration: 5:48 Hours | | English | ISO | 413 MB
Covering everything from the basics of layout and design to integrating with external data sources for mail merges, Publisher 2007 Essential Training is an indispensable course for anyone who wants to publish materials in-house. Instructor David Rivers shows how to best plan, format, edit, and print a project with this powerful yet easy-to-use software application. He explains how to start a project from scratch, insert and edit pages, work with fonts and graphics, and print or distribute the finished project.

Code: - Microsoft Word 2007 Essential Training:

David Rivers " - Microsoft Word 2007 Essential Training"
1/23/2007 | Duration: 7:08 Hours | | English | ISO | 535 MB
From a new interface to timesaving content galleries, the latest version of Word brings a lot to the table. Instructor David Rivers explains each of its new features and attributes, from understanding and navigating its new interface, to using new formatting controls and extensive page layout techniques. Whether new to Word or wanting to learn about the new version, Rivers gives insight for increased productivity and professional documents with Word 2007. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Code: - Word 2007 "Formatting Long Documents:

David Rivers " - Word 2007 | Formatting Long Documents"
3/5/2009 | Duration: 4:42 Hours | | English | ISO | 350 MB
Whether it?s a short story, a product catalog, a technical manual, or a business report, every document needs a compelling format. Although the content and the length may differ, long documents have similar formatting challenges. In Word 2007: Formatting Long Documents, David Rivers uses his 20 years of training expertise to demonstrate efficient methods of formatting entire documents and making changes to specific sections and pages. He covers the details of how to use field codes and building blocks to streamline the workflow, and shares best practices for producing printed documents with a professional look. Exercise files accompany the course.

Code: - Excel 2007: Financial Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2007 Financial Analysis | 178 MB
Released on: 8/25/2009
Numbers and financial data drives today's business world and Excel 2007: Financial Analysis can help decode this information. The proper understanding of these numbers, and the formulas behind them, can be the gateway to corporate and personal success. Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Curt Frye teaches basic fluency in corporate finance, enabling users to see the meaning behind essential financial calculations. Curt explains how to review formulas to ensure they have the proper inputs, and shows how to interpret formula output. He also covers how to calculate leverage ratios and amortization and depreciation schedules, as well as forecast future growth. Exercise files accompany this course.

Code: Excel 2007 Introduction To Formulas And Functions:

Released on: 8/25/2009 /160MB
Excel 2007: Introduction to Formulas and Functions shows how to build impressive spreadsheets with the application's built-in capabilities. Excel expert and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Curt Frye shares his vast knowledge of Excel, demonstrating how to build various arithmetic and statistical analysis formulas. Curt explains how to summarize values in sets of cells, create conditional formulas using IF and other related functions, and use validation rules to make data entry more accurate. He even teaches how to search for data within a list or table using the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.

Code: Excel 2007 Pivot Tables For Data Analysis Training:

Released on: 8/25/2009 / 180MB In Excel 2007: Pivot Tables for Data Analysis, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Curt Frye helps dispel the common fear of the Pivot Table feature, by demonstrating how to use this powerful tool to discover valuable business intelligence. Curt shows how to create Pivot Table reports from internal Excel data and outside data sources, use filters to focus on the most important data in the sheet, and make visual presentations of data using Pivot Chart reports.

Code: Microsoft Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts:

Released on: 8/25/2009 / 145 MB In Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts, Adobe product manager and designer Michael Ninness, shows many of the tips and tricks he's picked up throughout his career to make Excel work for him. Michael starts with his top ten shortcuts, then continues with tips for navigation, cell selection, formatting, and data entry. He shows how to make a sheet easier to read by shading every other row, and demonstrates how to remove hyperlinks from selected cells. He explains how to get basic statistics from the Status bar, and introduces the ever-useful AutoSum keyboard shortcut. This course is filled with useful tips for anyone who uses Excel to track projects, create spreadsheets, or build forms.



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